Everything Communicates. Even Bacteria.

I’m not new to this marketing gig. I’m really not. Twenty-two years of staying on top of the most effective ways to communicate to prospects had me feeling a little cocky about my knowledge of the latest and great communication vehicles. Hell, I’ve lived through this worldwide web thingy and seen the proliferation of social media. I thought that I’d seen it all.

Oh, how I was wrong.

A team of scientists have created two “bacteria billboards” and placed them in storefronts in downtown Toronto to promote the newly released film Contagion. Over the course of days, these billboards went from blank to spelling out the name of the movie in bacteria.

So creepy. So cool.

The point is there are always new, exciting and effective (sometimes gross) ways to reach your target audience. Whether it’s a blockbuster movie or qPCR system, push the envelope and resist the temptation to get comfortable with the same old way of communicating.

Check out video of the billboards or go deeper and read the movie’s back-story and view the trailer.