Launching a next-gen gene editing biotech brand with a tidal wave of media coverage



Tome Biosciences is introducing the next-generation of gene editing beyond CRISPR: programmable genomic integration (PGI) technology that can insert DNA sequences of any size at any location, in vivo or ex vivo. The possibilities for cell and gene therapy are exciting, so Tome needed a frenzy of media interest. While launching in stealth mode with a staggering $213M in funding, they asked CG Life to amplify their visibility and sharpen their core narratives.


As Tome’s strategic advisor during their most recent raise, CG Life developed a robust media relations plan, key messaging, and narratives. Tapping our deep scientific and market knowledge, we delivered media training to key spokespeople. At launch, we activated embargoed and same-day media outreach to top-tier business, finance, life science, and local media. And we amplified our plan with an integrated social media strategy.

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Tome: Praise in the Press


When interviewed in the podcast, Rahul Kakkar highlighted Tome’s mission, “When you can rewrite the DNA, the code of life, it’s a seismic shift in not just one but multiple aspects of therapeutics development…The ambition that we have … is … to heal children so they grow up, never knowing they ever sick.”


Mendelspod – Taking Gene Therapy to the Next Level: Rahul Kakkar of Tome


The launch put Tome center-stage with biopharma and investor audiences as a novel, yet credible biotech startup. Our sustained communications momentum carried over into Tome’s recent acquisition of Replace Therapeutics, whose complementary technology rewrites DNA with base pair edits.

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“We appreciate CG Life’s partnership and the months of strategic planning the team conducted to make our launch from stealth mode and communications around our Series A and B funding a resounding success.”

Michelle Avery, PhD.
SVP Corporate Affairs
Tome Biosciences