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Infographics for Life Science Marketing

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Sometime in early 2011, infographics surpassed famed Harvard scientist George Church in popularity and never looked back, at least according to Google Trends. These pretty visualizations of data were popularized by USA Today Snapshots and raised to an art form in magazines such as Wired and Good. Now, like Lindsay Lohan, they’re everywhere. This is especially true in the sciences, where the complex can be made very simple.

In this Chemversation, the main meal is infographics as a form of content marketing and a new DIY platform for developing these graphical representations. That will be followed by additional courses in decoding the secrets behind viral tweets and the fact that it’s time to UP your mobile advertising spend. Along the way, we serve up Michael Flatley as a bid to increase our Riverdancing readership. As always, we bring everything back to how it can be applied to life science marketing as dessert. Bon appetite!