Why Your Life Science Company Should Use LinkedIn [Free Visual Guide]

By now most companies recognize the benefit of having a social presence on LinkedIn, a platform designed specifically to allow professionals to connect, network, share news/events, and more. As a result, it seems like a no-brainer that companies would “want in” on this space, and have easy access to industry experts, future employees, and of course, customers. But is having a LinkedIn company page necessary?

First of all, if you do not have a LinkedIn company page already set up, LinkedIn can automatically generate company pages to fill the absence; however, this is typically just contact information pulled in automatically from search engine results. These auto-profiles really don’t have much valuable information for users to engage with, and don’t exactly promote a compelling first experience for these visitors. So what’s the easy solution? (You see where this is going…) Set up your own company page within LinkedIn!

Having a company page allows your business to have visibility on one of the largest professional networks out there. Among the benefits include:

Users being able to search keywords related to your company’s services
Professionals in related industries can easily connect
Groups can help your company promote news and sharable content
The company page can drive new traffic to your main website
Companies can advertise with sponsored updates and text ads
With LinkedIn ads, you can target messaging toward specific industries, job titles, group affiliations, professional skills, and more!

If you’re still reading, I’m assuming you’re slowly being convinced it’s time to set up a company page. However when it comes to social media, there’s no such thing as “setting and forgetting.” This is especially true for your company’s LinkedIn presence. Once you get your company’s LinkedIn page up and running you need to make sure it stays fresh, especially since new content and social actions (likes, comments, shares) are how LinkedIn creates their ranks/preferences for a company’s profile associated with keyword searches.

If you would like some help properly setting up and making the most of your LinkedIn company page, download the free guide we’ve put together, including “Pro Tips” from LinkedIn themselves.

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