The Way to a Scientist’s Heart

Our experience working in the life science industry has taught us some valuable lessons. One of which we hold very close to our hearts: Scientists LOVE puns. “Why?” you ask. Well, scientists are all about efficiency, and puns deliver better time to results, i.e. fast laughs. And here at Chempetitive, punning is a skill we’re not afraid to puntificate about. (BAM!)

Just take a look at our name, Chempetitive. Now, if you’re new to the world of punning, here’s some word stoichiometry for you:

(“Chemical reaction” – “ical reaction”) + (“Competitive” – “Com”) -> Chempetitive

One project that highlights this strength of ours is the writing of the Nature Product Focus (NPF), a new product feature for Nature. What better way to grab the attention of scientists then with a captivating title? Lucky for you, we’re going to walk through the behind-the-scenes process. Let’s say the topic is “Biochips.”

Step 1: Zero in on the part that everybody, including your Grandma Esther, will understand. In this case, the word would be “chips.” As in chocolate chips or poker chips or Ruffles.

Step 2: Select a popular phrase in which you can incorporate the easy-to-understand- word. In other words, let the punning begin!

“Chips Ahoy!” might work. But a little too close, in fact identical, to a trademarked cookie brand.

“Ponch and Jon” probably won’t work, unless you’re exclusively targeting folks growing up in the 1970s who love light-weight action crime dramas with over-the-top freeway pileups.

By the way, we settled on “Chip, chip array!” For those of you keeping score, that’s two puns in one.

Since we’ve given you a little sneak peak behind the process, we’re confident that you’re practically a pro. But just to be sure, below is a list of NPF titles. One of the following is fake, but the rest are real. Guess the fake.

Get Your Amp On
Moving Liquids is No Longer a Pipette Dream
A Biochip Off the Old Block
Show Me the Info
One Cell, Two Cell, Red Cell, Blue Cell
Analyze This!
The Electrophoresis Slide
Silence is Golden

Tweet us @chempetitive and we’ll tell you if you’re right. Or if you’re a marketing person that has a cool product in the life science industry, email us at and we can include you in the next NPF.

NPF Team