Marketing 360: What are the Life Sciences?

Advances in science and technology have allowed medicine to significantly improve the quality and standard of human life. We now have vaccines to prevent fatal disease, diagnostics to catch it earlier, and effective treatment options – for humans, animals and crops. The industry that facilitates this type of research is known as the “life sciences.”

Life science is a rapidly changing field encompassing various branches of science, from the study of cells at the molecular level to research of how organisms interact with their environment. While there are many overlaps, it fundamentally stands apart from the formal natural sciences (chemistry, physics, mathematics), which don’t involve organisms.

From agriculture to zoology, the life sciences have led to many of the greatest advances in the world. Like the organisms they study, the life sciences are constantly evolving, converging in areas such as genomics and bioinformatics; which blends computer science, biology and bioengineering. Meanwhile, research is underway to develop biofuels to replace global dependence on oil. Agricultural scientists are creating drought resistant crops. Marine biologists are diving deeper into the life cycles of endangered fish in hopes of developing sustainable fisheries. And policies such as the Affordable Care Act are shifting the tide in regulatory policies, with more pressure being placed on patient outcomes.

Within the life sciences there are also many organizations and associations that support their often difficult battle for funding and opportunity. Academic research and education is vital for progressing ideas and scientific capabilities. As is innovation: Companies must constantly break down knowledge barriers and overcome society’s status quo. The need for money is also unavoidable. Newly approved drug entities cost hundreds of millions of dollars to develop and entail failure rates as high as 95 percent.

Where do we fit in? As an integrated marketing agency, Chempetitive Group helps life science companies communicate the power and utility of what they do. Scientists need to know what tools and techniques will propel their research. They need to know about NGS outsourcing services and bioinformatics support, water purity testing and FDA compliance software. We help to inform, educate and inspire, enabling life science companies to change the world. Long live science!

Curious which life science sectors we serve? Take a look at our Markets page for more information.

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This post is part of Chempetitive Group’s Marketing 360 series. These articles offer a high-level analysis of a very specific science marketing area, delivering a smart overview in just 360 words.