Two Blocks

Life. Science. 15 years.

It may seem counter intuitive, and even sound like heresy, but rather than conforming to the typical agency formula and rhetoric of focusing on our capabilities, our new website shamelessly promotes our culture.

It’s really about our Life: Why we are, rather than what we are. An important distinction in today’s commoditized agency landscape.

We turned 15 today. Yes, 15 years of applying our strategic marketing and communication expertise to life science, emerging pharma, and diagnostics. And an acumen and heritage of speaking science and marketing to the broader research, pre-clinical and clinical market. What a mouthful!

For us, it’s always been more elemental. It’s about people. Creating an amazing experience and working with good people, and never losing sight of what’s most important in Life.

We’re an eclectic group of scientists, marketers, musicians, and artists. We’re curious, creative, collaborative and very forthright. Regardless of interest, true passion for people and their unique qualities is what differentiates us. It’s not only the cornerstone of the CG Life brand, it’s the very basis of marketing and communication.

On average, people spend 90,000 hours of their life at work. That’s a crap load of hours. Life is too short to not work with people you like. When Jeff and I started this company 15 years ago, we made a vow that we were going to be different. That we were not going to be that agency. We intentionally avoided creating a transactional experience in favor of one that’s entirely personal and honest. Looking at our colleagues, both internal and external, I’m proud to say we’ve maintained that promise.

Life. Science. I think we’re pretty good at both.

Take a little time with our new website and get to know us. Then, let’s talk about how we can help you get the most out of Life.

Happy 15 years!