Exploring Google’s New Expanded Text Ads

Google AdWords Expanded Text Ads (ETA) are here! As we learned at the Google Performance Summit this change has been in the works for a while. Google claims this change will result in higher Click Through Rates, and it is aimed to blend in with a “mobile-focused” world.

How Your Ads Have Changed

The major change to these ads is that you have more text to work with—50% in fact. Instead of one headline and two description lines, you now have two headlines and a longer, more robust description. Display URLs get a small update too with more descriptive URL paths.

What does this have to do with mobile? Additional text means more context, and more context means better visibility into what your site’s about. Give searchers this extra bit of insight and you’re more likely to earn their click.

What to do Now

It’s time to get playing! After getting to know the new format and character lengths, try some out.

Start by A/B testing your new expanded text ads against your existing copy. This is also a great opportunity to try out some new value propositions and calls to action. Need a refresher? Check out some tips from Google.

When Google switches up their strategy to improve search experience, we all win. Users continue to turn to this #1-trusted search engine for their daily queries, and advertisers continue to be able to reach them via paid ads.

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