Don’t Miss Our Murad in C&EN’s ‘Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing’

When C&EN Media Group chose CG Life co-founder Murad Sabzali as one of the “Mad Men & Women of Science Marketing”, he was more than happy to step around from the bar at CG Life to provide some insights.

Between dramatic Draper-esque pauses and tortured glances down at his silenced phone, Murad gave us a look at where the industry is heading and how to appeal to marketing audiences by empathizing with them as people.

“Moving forward, I’m hoping we see a lot more emotional branding across the board — I think it’s going to happen. Believe it or not, scientists and researchers have interests outside laboratory work.” [Tweet This]

It turns out Tears for Fears were right: people are people. Want more? Take a look at what Murad and the other “pioneers in our field” had to say in C&EN’s new book.

Disclosure: C&EN Media Group is a client of CG Life, but CG Life was not involved in choosing companies or individuals for this feature.